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Native Breeds are a small Charcuterie based on the Lydney Park Estate in Gloucestershire. The Business is run by Ruth and Graham Waddington along with small but a very skilled team.

It all started when, back in 2003, Ruth and Graham decided to keep a pig or two on a rough piece of ground next to their house in Monmouthshire. They made sausages and bacon and sold from their doorstep to neighbours and friends. A hobby became an ambition. In 2005 Graham and Ruth joined forces with James and Ruth Swift and helped to found and establish Trealy Farm Charcuterie. In 2010 Graham and Ruth Waddington went on to start Native Breeds.

Graham is now one of Britain’s leading curers and charcutiers. He has made salamis and specialist hams that have won national food awards, supplied Michelin-starred chefs, and he has also contributed to a number of specialist curing books. Native Breeds is the culmination of that experience, dedicated to remaining small-scale, perpetuating an crafted approach, and striving to make excellent charcuterie in Britain.

As well as a dedication to making excellent products, we are also committed to our brilliant team. We have recruited and trained locally. Our key strength is in our know-how and ability to increase our knowledge of charcuterie and curing. We value a home-grown approach of trying to develop skills in all our staff. They are fantastic people and have given Native Breeds so much commitment, energy and a huge contribution towards the quality of all products. You know who you are guys!

The incredible new team of Mark and his son Jack who take care of everything that walks out the door. Then the key people that add so much depth to the business including,  Matt Bedell of The Charcuterie Board joined us straight fron the School of Artisan Food back in 2011 and procured the curing and product development of LARDO’s Mangalitza charcuterie. Tim Finney is a great friend to our business and is our Organic Native Breed meat supplier from Eastbrook Farm. The pigs from Eastbrook are just magnificent. We are assured of quality, high welfare and consistency. Tim also runs a damn good pub called The Royal Oak in Bishopstone!






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