Bespoke Charcuterie for Your Menu

Looking for Something Unique and Special?

You want something that sets your menu or event apart? It may be that your client is looking for something different and you want to bolster your proposal with a unique cutting edge product.

Maybe you have developed a cured product or sausage and would like it manufactured on a small scale as a great addition to a seasonal, annual or regular event.

Looking for a charcuterie ingredient for your sandwich bar, pizzeria or catering wagon?

We help a lot of clients really add value to what they can offer their customers. It may be that you just haven’t found a good British equivilent of the product you normally use. You just want something well known but more artisanally made.

What ever it is we can help you develop the product you want. We can make it so that you have a regular supply, compliant to the food safety stand you will need and it will still have your signature on it.

Some things we have made our customers:

MORTADELLA – Italian sliceable sausage

BOUDIN NOIR – French Style Black Pudding

BESPOKE RECIPE SALAMI – Made from the customer’s own pigs

PATE’S & CONFIT – Made using the customer’s own brand liqueur

POLISH SMOKED SAUSAGE – Made using restauranteur’s own shot Venison

WILD BOAR BACON & SAUSAGES– Commissioned for game breakfast for Estate Shoot days

We can also adapt and tweak our own product recipes to suit your tastes.

Whatever the idea or product contact us with your enquiry to discuss method, recipe, process and costs and we will see if we can develop it and make it!

Please note that minimum volumes will apply.