Delicious slow cooked meats from our smoker

Fast Fine Food - our take on it


When starting out back in 2010, we made two products. A Hot Smoked Belly Bacon and a Cured Beef Brisket. Five years on, these products have become part of a hugely expanding market for fast fine Cafe Diner food in the UK. Salt Beef, Slow Cooked Pork and Boiled Bacon are no strangers to the curing heritage in the UK, but the recent media fascination and emergence of American Style eateries across the UK has bred new life into these  truly delicious meats. At Native Breeds we take care in our sourcing, recipe, method and process to produce excellent versions of  the UK’s favourite smoked meats. Our team is blessed with the input of Native New Yorker gastronome, Matt Beddell of The Charcuterie Board London, who has helped develop these products to be at their Trans-Atlantic best. If you would like a product and price list please Contact Us .




The Native breeds pulled pork uses whole boned shoulders of Eastbrook Farm Saddleback pigs, marinated in a secret blend of herbs and spices along with Cornish Sea Salt and McCrindles cider. It is left to marinade for three of days, it’s then put into the smoker to cook and smoke for ten hours over apple wood until perfectly tender. Fresh out of the smoker the coating of spices has transformed into a ‘bark’ or crust – a trademark of the pulled pork tradition. Once pulled it is extremely succulent, has a deep, sweet and savoury flavour from the pork and spices, a tiny chilli hit and an undertone of fruity acidity from the cider. It is a perfect combination of local/regional products combining to make an exceptional artisan quality version of a widely used product, now growing in popularity. The benefit for many cafes, pubs, diners and eateries is that they will get something that is crafted to the same degree as their craft beer, made with provenance, care and attention to detail. The convenience of the product is that is comes pulled and packed.

  • Easy to prepare. Re-heat, add sauce and serve
  • Comes in 2kg vacuum bags
  • Guaranteed 21 day shelf life







Our Smoked Beef Brisket is lightly cured and coated with pepper, cumin. caraway and coriander. Once smoked it has a lovely bark and can be used in a multitude of ways. Whilst already cooked it can be cooked down again. Perfect for shredding into a Reubens, lovely sliced for a pastrami on Rye and ideal stewed to add flavour to beef stews. This is a really good product for a deli cafe/restaurant or gastro pub as the product has many applications.

The beef used is brisket from traditional and traditional cross breeds. We source from Ruby and White in Bristol and from farms in Somerset and Wiltshire. The product has a true New York Deli feel, a good bark and a little fat that insulates when cooking and can be trimmed if slicing, but keep it on if you are cooking on for a very traditional salt beef sandwich.

  • The beef comes in cases 2kg pieces
  • Guaranteed 21 day shelf life
  • It is ready to eat
  • Easy to use


This is a delicious bacon product. Free Range pork bellies from one year old pigs, locally sourced. Simply cured and put into the smoker. Slice it, re-cook it whole, chunk it, make it into lardon, stew it with lentils or simply fry it for breakfast.

It has  wonderful sweet smokey flavour, delicate, not too salty and is easily sliced off the block! Sometimes termed ‘Yankee’, ‘Polish American’ or German Speck’ bacon, is so versatile and very easy to use, and because it’s cooked already overcomes many cross contamination risks in the kitchen.

  • Easy to prepare
  • Comes in cases of 1-2kg pieces.
  • Guaranteed 21 day shelf life.