Making Charcuterie for Smallholders and Enthusiasts


 Smallholder, Pig Keeper or Charcuterie Enthusiast

If you are any of the above you have come to the right place. You may have carefully reared a pig and want to have it made into something special for an event, for family, friends or a part of a collective who have reared or bought an animal and want it transformed into delicious charcuterie

How it works

SLAUGHTER  You will need to book your animal/s in to a registered UK slaughter house. They have a UK oval mark and have the right level of accreditation to slaughter for us.

BUTCHERY  We send your slaughter house/butcher a specification. The meat must arrive with us pre-butchered to our specification.

PROCESSING Once we have your meat we will agree a product range and then will go into production. The usual turnaround is between two to three weeks.

COLLECTION We will call you as soon as your products are ready!


We are smallholders and have kept pigs of all breeds. We understand the work and care that pig keepers and breeders put into their pigs. We will put the respect and care into your carcuss as a reflection of the care you put into rearing it. We will:

  • Never return your products made from someone elses pig.
  • Always use natural herbs and spices, never premixes or articificial additives or colours in the product.
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your product of problematic issues should they arise.
  • Do our very best to make the best of your animals.
  • We can do a limited range of air dried products but it is limited because of space
  • We are open about our costs. You pay for time (inc processing and preparation), ingredients, cooking, smoking, slicing, packing materials; and slaughter and butchery charges if applicable.


Fresh Gammon Hams and Bacon

Cured in fragrant sweet spices, and dark sugars for extra sweetness and depth of flavour, smoked over applewood if requested.

Pancetta Bacon –Matured belly of pork flavoured with rosemary, fennel and black pepper, smoked over fruit wood for a sweet finish.

Small Salami – Either Classic Pork, Pork and  Fennel Seed or Chorizo As above but made in a 20mm diameter casing, each approx 70g. Min batch weigh for each flavour is 15kg

Bullet Salami – Either Classic Pork, Pork and  Fennel Seed or Chorizo As above but made in a 10mm diameter casing, each approx 8g. Min batch weigh for each flavour is 15kg

Three Counties fresh sausages (85% meat) – Cambridge, Oxford, Gloucester

Our lovely range of traditional breadcrumb sausages, all authentic classic recipes, containing 85% meat content.

Cured sausages (100% meat) – Cooking Chorizo, Spiced Tuscan, or Fennel

Continental style cooking sausages (all meat content) various meats and flavours.

Hot Smoked Bratwurst and Frankfurters

Authentic Viennese and German smoked sausages(all meat content) various meats and flavours.

These are just a few of the things we can do for you. It is by no means a definitive list. For more information and costs contact us.