SALAMI MINIS – Nugget sized salami in four flavours

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The Minis come as a point of sale, two or four jar retail display, of lovely lidded Kilner jars surrounded by a locally hand made  Alder frame and sample board. The jars are labelled and the frame has a little pricing board for display.

  • The Salami Minis are ideal for bar snacks, shop counter displays or deli presentation. They are a nice addition to any bar snack range offering customers a variety of small meaty nibbles to accompany wine, beer or cider.
  • Flavours are Pork &Wild Boar sourced from the Forest of Dean and flavoured with caraway and juniper. Pork & Venison with long pepper. These two Minis offer something different to customers in terms of flavour profile. They introduce customers to game flavours without it being overpowering or too strong. We also offer a very nice  chorizo made from sweet smoked paprika with a warm chilli hit. The last Mini offering is Beef & Coriander. A south African Droewors profile made with 100% beef.
  • The jars hold approximately 1 kg of each flavour, simply cut and serve as a pick and mix or can be chopped up and served on a board.

If you are interested we can talk you through the set up and offer buyers or staff guidance and advice for how to customers interested in these little nugetts of British made charcuterie. For all details and prices contact us using the link below.

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