Want to be a Home Charcutier?

Back in 2011 we started running a series of Courses at Kate Humble’s Farm in Penallt Monmouthshire. One course on curing turned into a series of courses now well attended by a diverse range of charcuterie enthusiast.

The series in now called ‘The Home Charcutier’

The courses are listed below. If you click on ay of the links you will be taken directly to t Humble by Nature website and will find the course booking information and dates

Find out about –Inspired by France


Find out about –Game On
Find out about –From Piglet to Plate
Find out about –Curing for Christmas

This series of courses is all about offering a ‘charcuterie experience’ of tasting, preparation, making and cooking. The one day courses will demonstrate the key importance and enjoyment of meat preservation, its relevance and vital use in the face of increasing food prices the real possibility of meat becoming a luxury item rather than an everyday commodity. Through making and using charcuterie participants will work with good meat, discover where to find it and how to make the most of it.

All courses in the programme are introductory and recommendations and advice will be given on how people can further develop these skills. In essence, it’s about preserving meat and then using to best effect in the kitchen. With a little kitchen equipment and some patience, participants will be able to develop into Home Charcutiers. If you want to go further we can tell you how.

People can buy into individual day/s or the series as a whole. Overall, the series will cover cooked, salted, cured and smoked charcuterie.

Our main aims
To inspire people to preserve meat at home using simple methods and techniques from across Europe and the UK

Use very thrifty cuts of meat to make delicious charcuterie and turn them into stunning, easy-to- replicate recipes

Understand why certain charcuterie methods are appropriate seasonally and regionally and when they are most usefully adapted and applied

Appreciate the core ethos of Humble by Nature, the farm’s connection to charcuterie and a more sustainable food system