Cured Fermented Meats

Care and Attention to Detail

Our cured fermented meats are considered by our customers to be some of the best in the UK. They are made using excellent meat, simple yet very high quality ingredients and given time to fully mature. Our maturing rooms are well conditioned and have developed a micro culture over time giving the products distinctive character and flavour. All our fermented cured meats:

Have a guaranteed best before of 30 days

Come in 5kg cases (approx. 0.75-1kg units) vacuum packed

Can be stored in ambient conditions up 15 degrees Celsius




Neck and Collar of pork from eighteen month old free ranging pigs, cured and marinated in pepper, mustard seed and garlic. Deep colour and flavour, a beautiful seam of intramuscular fat running throughout. Without doubt the Prince of the charcuterie platter. Robust, yeasty savoury notes combined with a sweet herby undertone. Wonderful aroma. Great bite with very digestible fat. We are proud to offer the Native Nape on any charcuterie board.



Made from beef salmons sourced from Somerset via Ruby & White in Bristol. They are really well marbled. Our Rosemary Beef does what it says on the tin. It is very simply cured and marinated in fresh rosemary before being matured. It’s succulent and moist texture offer a very good bite and a melt in the mouth

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