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“If you see their products about, BUY THEM! Honestly …”


 This is small-scale, top-end artisan food production of the very highest order … read more

I attacked a packet of Native Breeds pastrami last night too, I’d picked it up at the Spring Festival at the Royal Welsh Showground. If you see their products about, BUY THEM! Honestly, it’s companies like Native Breeds that make me so proud to be part of a growing British charcuterie industry … read more

Of course, any hot dog is only as good as its frank, and Bubbledogs founders James Knappett (ex-Noma) and Sandia Chang are getting theirs made by the king of British charcuterie, Graham Waddington … read more

They use only native breed animals to produce extraordinary small batch charcuterie, supplying premium retail and restaurants including Selfridges and several Michelin starred London establishments. With a range of elegant, powerful salamis and muscle meats backed up by ‘chefs’ specials’ such as Boudin Noir and Blanc, terrine and a renowned range of pate; Graham is widely regarded as the go to man for the very finest rare breed British charcuterie … read more

LARDO’s charcuterie is made by Native Breeds and is an important collaboration between them, Matt Bedell and Eliza … quite unique as the pigs that they used are specific to LARDO, and the recipes developed specifically for the restaurant … read more

The Waddingtons, part of a new wave of British charcutiers, are turning three or four of the Mangalitzas a month into Italian-style cured meat for Eliza Flanagan, the Australian chef-patron of London’s Lardo restaurant … read more

With a repertoire that includes plum liqueur-soaked paté and applesmoke-infused bacon, marbled wild boar salami and crumbly, aspic-drenched ham hock terrine, it’s no surprise that their client list is a who’s who of the foodie world … read more

… squeezing sausage meat into sheep “skins” is as pragmatic and romance-free as school sex education. “Ensure there are no air bubbles and don’t burst it,” says instructor Graham Waddington while I titter like an adolescent fool … read more

“Proper lard is difficult to find,” says charcutier Graham Waddington, [dismissing] the highly processed lard sold in supermarkets, often hydrogenated and treated with bleaching and deodorising agents … read more

Native Breeds has also gone a step further by creating what it believes to be Britain’s first black chorizo – chorizo with added blood. Black as pitch, the chorizos look like fun-sized witches’ wands … read more


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