The Great British Frankfurter



Whether you have a wagon, trailor, catering business, café or fine fast food eatery, we have the dog for you. The Great British Frankfurter offers all the authenticity of any of it’s European cousins with the added value of high meat content, excellent ingredients, provenance and traceability. And; the guarantee of no ‘funny stuff’ in the mix! Our dogs are not commercially made. They are produced in relatively smaller batches (by common industry standards), they are carefully made, representative of all good things about a hot dog. Fine, flavourful and smokey, without being rubbery, pasty or tasting overly processed.


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We use meat that has been kept to a high welfare standard, reared outdoors on farms in Gloucestershire, the Wye Valley & Wales borders and Wiltshire. Most animals are completely free ranging and all have access to the outdoors for the majority of their lives. We also use animals that are organically reared. The animals are not fed growth enhancers and we only use animals that have had a good natural life (often min 10 months for pigs).

We use natural herbs and spices, not extracts. To obtain a longer shelf life and enhance product safety, we use a small amount of sodium ascorbate and a very small amount of sodium nitrite, all in compliance with organic standards. We do not use artificial colours, additives or phosphates. The sausages are made without soya protein or binders. They have an extremely fine and light texture with an excellent ‘snap’ to the casing. We smoke using fruit woods. We do not spray smoke on! We have standard sizes for all sausages but note that our range uses natural casings so length and width will inevitably vary a little. We offer a collagen alternative if portion control or price point is more critical. The franks are made by people who are trained and experienced charcutiers who care about what they make. Once packed they have a shelf life of 21 days. We can make our frankfurters with some recipe adaptations and can vary the length. Costs for this service are agreed on a case by case basis.


CLASSIC FRANKFURTER Our most popular Frankfurter. A lightly seasoned, fine emulsion sausage made with all pork or pork and rose veal or beef. Like a classic Viennese sausage it is smoked . We use apple wood and whilst giving as lovely smoky covering, it has a delicate and well rounded flavour. This is the one that goes into the bun with onions, sauerkraut and mustard.

THE BACON DOG A coarser chopped (semi-emulsified sausage). A stouter sausage, again smoked over beech and apple wood, a little bit of caraway in the mix and flecks of our delicious smoked bacon running through the texture. A lovely bite and snap. This one can be a superb breakfast dog, served with scrambled egg, a little truffle oil, some roasted tomatoes in a potato bun.

THE HERB DOG Modelled on a Thuringer sausage. This is our unsmoked dog, flavoured with organic sage and thyme, a little pepper, ginger and mace. It has very pungent aroma and savoury flavour. Pale in appearance but browns up beautifully, again offering a very clean bite and snap, a coarse cut texture and juicy. Whilst terrific in a bun, it offers a great pairing with mash, choucroute, or ham and eggs.

THE SMOKEY PAPRIKA DOG A nice kick, a bit spicy made with chilli chip, smoked paprika, cayenne and marjoram. Whilst it packs a punch the heat is gradual amnd flavoursome without being volcanic. Can be used as a hot link.


We offer two casing types. Natural and Continental Collagen. Both give a very good snap and bite. In ‘Regular Size’ we use a sheep casing, making a dog of approximately 7-8 inches and 25mm diameter or a ‘Biggy Size’ made wider hog casing producing a dog of approximately 8-9 inches and 30mm wide. The continental casing produces dogs in equivalent Regular and Biggy sizes. Collagen’s have a natural curve, are more regular in size and appearance than that produced in a natural casing. The also offer better value for those concerned about more exact portion control.


The Great British Frankfurter was conceived by  Native Breeds Charcuterie in Gloucester in 2011. Since then the UK has hot dog crazy. Native Breeds are one of the UK’s most pioneering charcuterie producers and leading Frankfurter maker supplying to the UK’s most prestigious hot dog restaurants.

In Britain, a ‘hot dog’ can mean any sausage put in a bread bun and served with onions.  However, a Frankfurter (originating from Germany) is a hot dog with a very specific texture and flavour profile. And a hot dog in America is the migration of that Frankfurter. To celebrate this truly outstanding sausage tradition, we have developed a high quality range of authentic and unique recipe frankfurter style sausages using locally sourced meat from Freedom Foods and Organic pork or Beef. The method we use to make our frankfurters is adapted from those found in small butcheries across northern Europe. Native Breeds take pride in maintaining a very high standard of craftsmanship in our product. Our franks are award-winning and highly regarded by our customers.



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