Q1: What is ‘clean-label’?

Clean-label means no E numbers, and that only vegetable-based natural nitrates are used in the curing process.

Q2: What does ‘cured’ mean?

A: Traditionally, a product that is cured has salt, nitrates or nitrites added to draw out moisture and prolong the life of the product. At Native Breeds, we have used nitrates minimally, and are actively transitioning to ‘clean-label’ for all our products.

Q3: What is a ‘fermented’ product?

A: Salami and air dried meats are fermented products. They are salted or cured and then dried. During this process a fermentation bacteria is added to make the product safe and give it a distinctive flavour, as happens when making yoghurt, wine, bread and beer.

Q4: Are fermented products OK to eat if they have developed mould growing on them?

A: As the product matures, white powdery mould may develop on these products. This is normal, desirable and perfectly safe.

Depending on the contents and humidity of your fridge, blue/green mould may also develop, in which case remove this using a cloth dipped in vinegar. These moulds are not harmful.

Q5: How should I store charcuterie and cooked meats?

A: Air dried meats and salami are robust at ambient temperatures (around 15°C). Our Beef Frankfurters and other cooked sausages should be stored in the fridge. For delivery purposes, we pack such that all products are stable for 48 hours after they leave us.

For long term storage we advise keeping all products in the fridge. Our frankfurters may be frozen.

Once a product is opened, cover with cling film to prevent oxidisation. Consume within the time limit stated on the packaging.

Q6: When will my order arrive?

A: Orders will be despatched on a Wednesday for delivery the next day. DPD will contact you directly regarding arrangements for delivery.